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Q: Is the jewerly and accessories worth the $5?
A: Yes!!!.  It will change the way you look and feel.  All of your friends and family will want to know where you got all your wonderful pieces.  These items we sell for $5.00, retail stores sell them for $10-$30.  Totally worth the hype!

Q: I know people who have sold jewelry at parties and other events. How is this any different? 
A: I went to a party a month ago, with another jewelry company because my friend called me and said no one has bought anything!  I went over and saw many items I liked!  Guess what?  They all were $98 and up.  My husband would be very upset if I paid that much for a bracelet!  The sales at that party were low.  At a recent event where I had a booth, my Paparazzi jewelry out sold ALL the other jewelry booths!

The business of Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant
We recommend checking the following link for Paparazzi Policies & Procedures. http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/PDFs/policiesAndProcedures.pdf

Q: I would like to see the product or host a party before I join.
A: We completely understand. Because the company is so new I doubt there are many consultants in your area.  Contact me for more information.  If you would like to see some jewelry in person before signing up, you can purchase some samples at www.paparazziaccessories.com/2514

Q: When I order my inventory, how long will it take to receive my items?
A: They ship out of southern Utah via UPS. Paparazzi usually fills the order in 72 hours (within 3 business days). You can visit UPS to see approximately how long it will take to arrive at your home. Paparazzi Corporate also sends you an email confirmation of your order, another email with the UPS tracking number, and finally one when it arrives! 

Q: Is there a catalog?
A: There is not a catalog. With fashion changes and backorders it makes it very difficult to have a catalog and keep it up to date. In order to keep prices as low as they are there will not be a catalog or STARTING 8/23/14 online shopping at the corporate level will start!!

Q: Is everything really sold for $5.00? 
A: Yes, everything is $5.00!  There are exceptions with the young girl/tween items.  But just plan on selling everything for only $5.00. The jewelry is not "cheap".  The price is set low enough that you'll have women returning to your home for more and more. Our products are comparable to Target and Kohl's, but at the fraction of the price.

Q: If I become a consultant of Paparazzi Accessories how much product do I need to purchase each month to maintain my "consultant" status?
A:  According to Paparazzi policies and procedures "Order at least 200 PV of inventory within the previous twelve (12) consecutive calendar months."  To be considered "active" though, and receive commissions, you need to purchase a minimum of 50 PV each month which tiers 100 PV up as you grow your business. (Confused about PV?  PV is Personal Value & here is what it means: 1 items = 2PV. So you need to purchase 100 items per year to maintain your consultant status. But in order to be "active" and receive the commission from those who have signed up under you, you need to purchase at least 25 items = 50PV...make sense?)

Q: What is the compensation plan for Paparazzi Accessories?
A: There are several layers and levels to our compensation plan, but I have to say that it is one of the best I have ever seen! Click COMPENSATION PLAN to view the plan. The best way to create a successful business is to create a down line. You do not need to be a master recruiter. Once people see the amazing products and a new opportunity they will want to join.

Q: How can I join and sell Paparazzi Accessories?
A: There are 2 simple ways to join Paparazzi Accessories and be a part of our team.  
1- Contact us and we will gather the necessary information needed to get you signed up.  
2-  Follow the link and fill out the form with your information.  Put in my SPONSOR ID #2514 and Phoebe Steele
 We would love to have you!

Here are some questions a potential consultant asked...
if you are looking to become a consultant the following questions may help you decide:

1. To sign up as a consultant you pay $40?  
Yes, but if you buy a starter kit this fee is included

2. After you pay the consultant fee, can you buy pieces as you desire?  
If you pay the $40 you get a consultant # and login and then you are able to view & order any items available.  If you pay the $40 YOU CAN NOT BUY a STARTER kit later. 

3. Are there minimums to sell each month or yearly fees that have to be paid to keep your consultant status? 
There are no yearly fees. But in order to maintain your consultant status, you need to purchase a minimum of 100 items per year, so if you purchase a starter kit that is taken care of for a year. In order to be active for a month and receive commission from anyone that signs up under you, you need to purchase only 25 items per month.

4. You purchase the accessories at 45% off, sell for regular price and keep profit? Yes, each item you purchase costs you $2.75 and then you sell it for $5 plus tax. Corporate charges the full amount of tax (tax on the $5 amount) up front. This way you don't have to worry about taxes and they give you a 1099 to file for taxes.

5. Items can be placed in salons, boutiques, shops etc.... Yes, items can be sold in any of those places.


Getting Started with Paparazzi is easy! The products will enrich your Salon or Boutique and your customers will love the great prices and selection!

  Step 1: Enroll

It is as simple as visiting paparazziaccessories.com to choose a starter kit and signing up with paparazzi to set up your Consultant account with Paparazzi. If you have questions as to which size of kit to order, please don't hesitate to contact your Sponsor or Paparazzi directly. Paparazzi allows you to sell product at an amazingly low $5 and still earn a high retail profit of 45%. They will also allow you to sell the product for more then $5 if you feel that it would suit your needs better. Keep in mind the $5 price does sell itself! You will also be able to qualify for additional commissions and rebates through the Paparazzi Compensation plan.

   Step 2: Inventory and Displays

Paparazzi Consultants have learned that the more inventory you have on hand, the more products you sell. Having a wide selection of jewelry and hair accessories to pick from is not only more aesthetic for your clients, but it also makes it easier for them to be more aggressive in their purchasing. Don't be afraid to purchase inventory – be afraid of being out of stock! There are several ways to display your inventory. Paparazzi provides hooks for peg boards. You can also use grid walls.  You can find jewelry stands, headband racks, ring boxes and more by talking to your Sponsor! Make your displays cute and appealing! Make sure the $5 price is highlighted.

6. Can you set up booth's at fairs?

YES! I love to set up a booth at a fair, boutique, etc. This is a really great way to get a lot of sales and contacts.

Become A Consultant Request InformationQuestions?  Email me

Phoebe.Steele@yahoo.comBecome A Consultant Request Information

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